R is a great free software environment for data science. It is a programming language, therefore you can do almost anything a software can do. It has thousands of packages for data handling, processing, analysis, and data visualization. (By the way, this web page is completely designed and produced by R.)

R compiles and runs on a wide variety of platforms (Linux, Windows and MacOS). You can get the latest version freely from the R-Project web page. Although it is not essential, it makes to write programs much easier if you use an integrated development environment (IDE) for R. There are many alternatives, and we could recommend RStudio. RStudio is also a great free software and is available for all major platforms including Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

You can read and practice with the following self-tutorials to learn R.

R offers many options to perform a given task. For data handling and transformation, data.table function is used in these tutorials because data.table is really fast, and its syntax is short and clear.

R Basics

Data Handling

Data Transformation

R Functions